The report goes on to say that they decided not to ban medical marijuana deliveries.

We are noticing a pattern in California more so than other states of great activity at local ordinance level to head off the state at the pass , so to speak.

We wonder if there’s pressure from vineyards looking to preserve land for their industry ?

Here’s the report

An ordinance supported last week by the Town Council bars cultivation of the plant, enabling the Upvalley community to beat a state deadline to put a local growing ban in place. Without the law, Yountville faces the possible loss of authority over marijuana growing starting March 1, when new state regulations on cultivation take effect for cities and counties with no prohibitions of their own.

But uncertainty about the final shape of state marijuana rules prevented Yountville officials from nailing down their own stance. While the council agreed to ban pot cultivation, a clause that also would have stopped delivery of the drug fell by the wayside, amid worries of denying cannabis to those using it with a doctor’s approval.

“I just have a hard time grasping that someone who is infirm in some fashion, but has a legitimate prescription, is not going to be able to have their medicine delivered to them because of this ordinance,” said Vice Mayor Richard Hall.

He suggested a total ban on deliveries could leave medical cannabis users too ill to travel unable to obtain the drug.

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