Green Flower &, the world’s largest natural health research platform, are offering a free download containing both a comprehensive volume of published cannabis research – sourced from the National Library of Medicine – along with an overview for the layperson entitled Cannabis: Myths, Benefits, and Barriers.

These two e-books are free for Green Flower subscribers

(a $40 value)

Both downloads provide access to a growing body of scientific research on  what they say are the proven and potential therapeutic benefits of cannabis in disease prevention and treatment.

You’ll learn:

•    How your body is “hard-wired” to work with cannabis.

•    Cannabinoids, Flavonoids & Terpenes.

•    The clinical legitimacy for the health benefits of cannabis.

•    How Cannabis provides safe, effective pain relief.

•    Cannabis for mental illness, mood and cognition.

•    How Cannabis may be Cancer’s worst nightmare.

•    The health benefits of Hemp.

•    And much more!

Whether you’re a long-time consumer, curious physician or potential patient, this invaluable health resource provides everything you wanted to know about cannabis (but didn’t know to ask) and reinforces why this incredible plant should be an integral part of your natural medicine regimen – with solid science and research to back it up!

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