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Are all cannabis seeds medicinal?

Cannabis has been used for medical purposes for thousands of years in Asia, where it was used as a palliative against certain diseases. Later, its potency as an analgesic was discovered. Today, research is ongoing and is seeking to pave the way for its final approval for medical purposes.

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Recreational Marijuana Laws: Everything you Need to Know

The recreational marijuana proposal has been passed by the voters of Michigan in November. But what does it really mean? If you are having trouble understanding it, we are here to help you out. Today’s article is going to answer some of the questions related to the latest recreational marijuana law.

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Is cannabis oil legal in the UK?

At present, cannabidiol oil or CBD oil is a well -known name. A few years back, the name was unknown to maximum people. However, the present scenario changed a lot. CBD oil is the oil derived from the cannabis plant. The CBD oil commonly used to treat pain, muscle pain, stiffness, depressed mood, and anxious mood. The side effects of the oil are sleepiness, dizziness, red eyes, dry mouth, and tiredness in the morning, etc. The ingredient of CBD contains a negligible amount of THC, reducing the chances of CBD users getting high.

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Cannabis Life Network Deconstructs The Corporate Goings On At Pasha Brands

CLN write, “It’s been tough sledding lately for self-styled LP-for-craft-growers Pasha Brands (CSE: CRFT). The company’s stock was halted on November 28, 2019, ahead of an announcement that three of the board’s four directors had resigned.” All we can add is that their logo of a bird flying away seems a very prescient choice !

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CBD Bioavailability

What is Bioavailability? The term “bioavailability” refers to the quantity of a compound (including medicines or substances found in food) that enters the bloodstream when it is introduced into the body.

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THC Detox Pills – How They Work

Any weed enthusiast that ever faced a drug test probably heard about detox pills for pre-test cleansing. However, anyone who smokes weed knows that THC is ridiculously difficult to get rid of, so the question remains – do detox pills work for THC?

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Never Tried Marijuana Tea? Isn’t It ‘High’ Time You Did!

If you’ve never tried marijuana tea, it is a very simple drink to make and it is incredibly soothing. You can make it by just steeping some marijuana in a little hot water. How the effect works is like this; THC gets released into your system as you consume the drink and renders a calm high which is great for reducing stress or pain.

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Does CBD Oil Work Without THC?  

There are a lot of questions that are floating around regarding CBD. People want to know how it’s made, how it affects the body, where you can find it and what the perfect dosage is. If you’ve done any research on CBD, then you know it is often talked about with THC as a related topic.  

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Why You Should Buy a Grow Tent Fan

A Grow Tent is essentially a canvas structure which is made from a robust material such as polyester or nylon. The tents come in all manner of sizes and the smaller of the tents take up very little space, making them ideal for any home, even those with limited space on offer. Grow Tents are very popular as they allow the grower to essentially be in total control of their growing environment. In the outdoors of course, we cannot control the environment  and sometimes, despite our best efforts, crops are still susceptible to disease and damage from crop eating insects. Climate, temperature and rainfall are all very unpredictable and even for those with more predictable climates, the unforeseen and unexpected can happen and so an indoor growing medium becomes very attractive.

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Indiana’s proposed marijuana laws in 2020: Everything you need to know

It is rightful to say that the “battle” regarding the legalization of marijuana in Indiana would be kept uninterrupted until 2020. The new year is approaching, yet the state is already in full gear to take prohibition of hemp-derived products at the next level. It might be legal to keep the pot in its neighbor states specifically Illinois and Michigan but Indiana is firm with its decision to break away from the green hype. The state authorities said they wouldn’t even entertain the idea of cannabis legalization – not until there’s a significant change at the federal laws.

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A guide to CBD oil in Ireland

You may wonder where you could buy CBD oil if you are a resident of the Republic of Ireland or are a tourist on the Emerald Island. Now it is a good idea to see whether the production of CBD oil is legal or not, until I find that out and learn how to choose the best type of oil in Ireland.

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How to grow hydroponic weed?

Hydroponic weed systems work by sending oxygen and nutrients directly to the plant’s root, thus enhancing the growth of marijuana. This will help you to plant cannabis without stress. The method will encourage bigger buds, which make it a better option. Although one cannot ignore the importance of soil, but the hydroponics will make one forget the importance of soil.

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Best Ways of THC Detox For You!

The best way to pass a drug test is to not consume at all. However, perhaps it’s too late for that, in which case there are several ways to mask THC in your body. So, consider the following tips and have a backup plan ready in case of emergencies.

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