Cannabis Law Report – Payments for Services

We have an annual award system for lawyers and law firms that practise in the areas of Cannabis and Psychedelics.

Associated websites:-

We sell profile upgrades for lawyers and professionals on these associated websites at https://top200lawyers.comLaw firms can also have a firm profile, which is also a paid service.

The shopping cart for upgrades is here along with current prices:-

We also have a directory on Businesses associated with the legal cannabis industry can purchase a directory listing here:- This page provides a detailed description of the dircetory service provided.

Some law firms have special needs and negotiate an individual sponsorship. In this case we use an ad hoc Stripe invoice or product link for the payment. We also use Wise payments where customers prefer to use a bank transfer rather than credit card payments.

Payment Security

Cannabis Law Report uses a Security Certificate for encryption on all pages of our websites. Payments are made useing Security Certificates on Stripe (our credit card payment processor) and Wise for direct transfer to bank payments.


Services Statement

  • Cannabis Law Report provides marketing services to lawyers, law firms and associated businesses.
  • We do not and have never sold any physical goods.