3 UN workers arrested in Israel for smuggling liquid cocaine from Jordan

Police in Israel detained three UN employees at the border with Jordan yesterday on suspicion of attempting to smuggle liquid cocaine into the country disguised as perfume.

“UN workers arrived at the Jordan-Israel border crossing, and a routine inspection by authorities at the border crossing raised suspicions regarding passengers’ perfume-making kits,” a police statement said.

“The kits were subjected to careful examination, which also included a test with trained dogs. Reasonable suspicion arose from the examination that it was liquid cocaine,” the statement added.

According to the Jerusalem Post, the trio work in Syria near the border and were apprehended by the Northern District Police’s Yagal Unit.

The report said that routine checks by the Tax Authority and Airport Authority personnel at the border crossing raised suspicions after coming across perfume kits in their luggage which included bottles containing liquid.

Source: https://www.middleeastmonitor.com/20230626-3-un-workers-arrested-in-israel-for-smuggling-liquid-cocaine-from-jordan/

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