5th Annual State Of The Cannabis Industry Conference



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Executive Session
| Frank A. Segall

CEOs and top executives from successful public and private companies in the cannabis industry discuss how they are navigating and addressing the industry’s most prevalent issues and riding the market’s tidal wave of growth.

Navigating Regulation & Legislation: Where Are We Really Headed? Moderator | Scott Moskol

The marijuana industry’s ever-evolving regulatory and legislative updates create layers of complexities and hurdles for businesses and investors – but can also generate ample opportunities. Our panelists will share opinions on the latest legal and political developments, predictions on what’s next, and strategies to take advantage of new opportunities and thrive in this shifting space.

Smoking Hot Topics: Capital Markets
Moderator | Max Riffin

How is the cannabis industry accessing capital? What is the status of the M&A market? Are SPACs the new exit? How are deals being structured, and who are the active players? Our panel of experts consists of buyers and sellers, capital sources and advisers who offer answers rooted in firsthand experience.

Blazing the Trail: Key Innovators and Disruptors in Payment,
Delivery & E-Commerce

Moderator | Scott Moskol

Payment, delivery and e-commerce platforms have been evolving, innovating, grabbing market share and attracting serious capital. Thought leaders from companies that are blazing trails in the cannabis industry with new technologies share strategies on how to be dominant players in the space.


Steven Hoffman | Chairman
Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission
Frank A. Segall | Partner
Chair, Business Law & Finance
Chair, Cannabis Business & Law Advisory
David Bunzel | Managing Director – Investment Banking, M&A, Public & Private Markets
Young America Capital
Raymond Chang | CEO
Christopher Dell’Olio
Christopher Dell’Olio | Co-Founder & CEO
Robert Fireman | Founder & CEO
MariMed Inc.
Zachary George
Zachary George | CEO
Sundial Growers Inc.
Hershel Gerson | Managing Director &
Co-Head of Consumer Investment Banking
ROTH Capital Partners
Matt Hawkins | Managing Partner
Entourage Effect Capital
Cathy Corby Iannuzzelli | Co-Founder
& Chief Payments Officer
Andrew Jaeger | Principal
Cannabis Co-Op Fund
Laury Lucien | Co-Founder
Major Bloom
Meredith Mahoney | President
Colby McKenzie | Co-Founder
Brian Moran | Co-CEO, CFO
Garden Remedies, Inc.
Morgan Paxhia | Managing Partner
Poseidon Asset Management
Charlie Rice | President & CEO
Local Roots
Patrick Ryder | Senior Vice President
HUB International
Jacques Santucci | President
Opus Consulting
Ed Schmults | CEO
Urbn Leaf
William S. Schreier
William S. Schreier | COO & Principal
KreditForce LLC

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