Adherence Compliance has assisted numerous businesses in more than 5 regulated cannabis states apply for and win operational marijuana business licenses. 

We provide a convenient licensing methodology and milestone-based process to holistically review each city, county and state step as required. 

We have now analyzed opportunities in California and are looking to partner with law firms and practicing attorneys who may not yet have the knowledge base or access to individuals to drive cannabis business opportunities in their respective city or county jurisdiction.

Adherence can help you assist local clients & businesses as well as investors in licensing and application support for dispensaries, cultivation centers, manufacturers, distributors and more.  

Please contact Sean Hocking at to learn more about how working with Adherence Compliance will be able to help you build and retain clients in the upcoming regulated cannabis market.

Includes Business Plan, Standard Operating Procedure, customization for local market & 4-hour review

– Save money upfront from expensive consultants

– Leading cannabis compliance company & CPA to provide all work product

– Adherence Compliance  supports one-half hour call for initial enquiries