This could almost be up there with drinking Clorox to cure Covid19 !  We understand that having a positive outlook is part of the American citizen’s genetic makeup and yes the world is in general a better place for it; but this pitch sounds almost like a Trump press briefing…vacation in Jamaica.. it’ll be tremendous.

Never mind the US’s health issues, do we really need people going to Jamaica to smoke weed when what they really need is support for their health system.

As for the cannabis media outfit who have taken this company’s money..(we won’t say who they are) but it smells of desperation to us and essentially an outdated and rather embarrassing view of the country.

We are not impressed at all.

If you want to learn about Jamaican culture start by staying at home and reading these books by Jamaican authors

or watch this


Or this NY times article about US Gun laws fuelling homicide culture in the country.. or as the Times describes it “Carnage”

Ganja Vacations announces a new portal for cannabis vacation experiences in Jamaica


Oak Park, IL. – April 29, 2020 –  Ganja Vacations (GVJ) is a recently launched online portal for information about cannabis vacations in Jamaica. For decades, weed lovers have been drawn to Jamaica because of its reputation for ganja and its relaxed attitude towards enforcement of its drug laws. But, with the island’s recent decriminalization of ganja, there is a burgeoning cannabis tourism industry that is delivering a wider, safer and affordable range of legal cannabis vacation options – just as marijuana is becoming more sociably acceptable across the globe.

Information to plan the perfect Jamaican ganja vacation

With Jamaica’s great weather, beautiful beaches, friendly people and other great vacation attributes, the island should now be near the top of the list of anyone planning a cannabis holiday. But alas, there is no one place where anyone can go for information about ganja friendly resorts, 420 vacation deals, local dispensaries and whatever else is needed to plan such a ganja vacation. This is GVJ’s mission. And, although brand new, the portal already features a varied selection of exclusive deals at weed-friendly resorts across the island – with many more in the review and on-boarding process.

Featuring chic, cannabis friendly. boutique resorts

GVJ is also committed to the mission of connecting Jamaica’s many quaint, colorful, ganja-friendly boutique hotels to cannabis enthusiasts everywhere. Founder & CEO, Norman L. Lawrence, Jr. believes that: “These small and mostly family owned properties are perfect for cannabis tourists. Many are evangelical about weed. And, in addition to chic accommodations, topnotch personal service, stunning views and great culinary experiences, they offer the kind of intimate, laidback ambience that cannabis tourists will welcome.”

Reserve your spot now, travel later

Covid-19 has put a damper on leisure travel everywhere, including Jamaica. but this is only temporary, and it may now be a good time for cannabis enthusiasts to start thinking about vacation plans for later in the year. Our resorts are holding their prices for now and we expect to feature an ever-increasing number of ganja friendly resorts and exclusive 420 deals. Interested parties may keep current about our news and special offers by signing up on our website.

Incentives for people who refer friends

Serious cannabis enthusiasts may also visit to earn discounts, free stuff and swag when they sign up and refer friends


GanjaVacations is a portal for information about cannabis vacations in Jamaica. Among other things the portal connects cannabis enthusiasts across the globe with ganja friendly resorts, exclusive 420 vacation deals, local dispensaries, health and wellness facilities and other ganja related vacation resources on the island. The portal will also curate content and build a community of people interested in ganja and Jamaican culture.