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Africa’s first medicinal cannabis dispensary opens in Durban

While marijuana is still illegal in South Africa, Durban North now hosts the first medicinal cannabis dispensary in Africa.

A report in the Weekend Witness took a look at how the Holistic Relief Wellness and Pain Management Centre will treat you, but it won’t sell you a bud or two. Either a chiropractor, traditional healer or doctor will consult with patients at the facility. Once the consultation is over, they will prescribe various strengths of cannabis-infused oils. The practitioners will only schedule five patients at the same time.

The centre was founded by a man named Krithi Thaver. Thaver is also the founder of Canna Culture and chair of the KwaZulu-Natal branch of the Cannabis Development Council of SA. Thaver believes that the centre sets a benchmark for cannabis as it looks likely to eventually be legalised completely.

“Our treatment regimens combine traditional medical practices in chiropractics, physiotherapy, diseases and illnesses (acute and chronic) to treat the whole body. The practitioners at this centre are all medical professionals who have thoroughly researched the extensive medical uses of cannabis and have enthusiastically embraced its potential benefits,” Thaver told the Witness.

Just like any other cannabis backer, Thaver highlighted how more and more studies are showing that the substance can be used safely with next to no negative side effects.

“The global consensus is growing that the hemp crop is in fact a ‘miracle’ plant and we are immensely pleased to be able to finally offer this ‘miracle’ to Durban,” said Thaver.

With any part of the dagga plant remaining illegal, patients have to be referred to the centre. In the cafeteria, though, edibles and “Marley coffee” are sold.


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