Alaska has relaxed rules for cannabis ads, allows free samples

Anchorage Daily News reports

Alaska Lt. Gov. Nancy Dahlstrom has signed new regulations that allow the state’s legal marijuana businesses to advertise more widely and to distribute free samples of marijuana at retail stores.

The regulations, signed Sept. 8, go into effect Oct. 8, and are part of a broad wave of regulatory changes affecting the state’s marijuana industry.

After Alaska legalized the cultivation and sale of marijuana for recreational reasons in 2014, the state implemented tough rules to regulate the new industry.

Nine years on, the rules are beginning to loosen, with changes in tax policy, relaxed standards on edibles, drive-up windows, and other moves either already in effect or on the horizon.

Joan Wilson, director of the Alaska Alcohol and Marijuana Control Office, said the upcoming changes to advertising came out of a task force that has been working on updated regulations.

The original advertising rules were crafted to follow standards in place within the Municipality of Anchorage, she said, but most communities have laxer rules — or none at all — and licensees simply asked themselves why they should be following Anchorage standards when they don’t live in the city.

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