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The CCB licensing and applications team have been hard at work streamlining the product registration process, and are pleased to announce they will no longer be using the previous Microsoft Form for product registration.

Applicants and licensees should now use the product registration link in the same license application portal they used to apply for their cannabis license. This will streamline the process on a number of fronts:

  • Your products are automatically tied to your account online
  • All required registration information can be uploaded in one place
  • No more multiple email chains with testing results and labeling.
If you have already registered your products through the previous form, those registrations are still valid!

There is no need to register your products a second time.

The new form can be found on our website:

This is the new product registration portal – you should see options to register products as a pre-licensed establishment, as well as a fully licensed one.
Questions about product registration? Remember, we have a LIVE after-hours Q&A session coming up on Tuesday, December 27th at 6pm.

Details and information on how to join remotely can be found on our website:

Can’t make it? No worries – we’re always available by email.

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