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To answer the question, “what is a marijuana dab rig?” We must first define what one is and what types of concentrates are available. Dab rigs can have many features, including dome-less or dome-like nails, removable or built-in mouthpieces, and angled necks.

Domed or domeless nails

Choosing between dome and domeless nails on your piece depends on your preference. A domed nail helps trap the vapor produced by a heated dab, which can then be inhaled. This design has several advantages, but it also presents some disadvantages. A domed nail is not as easy to clean as a domeless one.

The material of the nail is important. A nail can be made of glass, ceramic, or quartz. Titanium, however, does not affect the taste of a dab ( Generally, a domed nail is cheaper. Depending on your budget and the type of dabbing that you do, a domed or domeless nail will be suitable for you.

One downside of using a domeless nail is the risk of burning yourself. This is especially true if you’re using one without a dome, because the heating element is exposed. While it might be possible to heat the nail using a torch, the risk of burning yourself is high. It’s much safer to use an e-nail, which eliminates the risk of burning your finger.

While the majority of pieces are domeless, some have a dome for the nails. Often, this is done by placing the nail in the male joint. The dome prevents the vapor from escaping while you’re dabbing. While the dome helps prevent your dab from getting too hot, it’s not the most effective way but it certainly is one of the most funs.

While there’s no perfect answer to the question of which is better, you should remember that it’s your preference. While a dome is a better option, a domeless rig has a larger dish that features an opening in the center, which is preferable to most regular consumers who require a higher amount of flower or bud in their piece in order to obtain a sufficient dosage.

Removable mouthpieces

There are several options for removing the mouthpiece on your piece. Usually, the mouthpiece is made of glass or metal and is designed to slide the melted concentrates onto a nail. The nail must fit into the joint of the rig or it will not work.

There are also e-nails, which are powered and can maintain a specific temperature. Another option for removing the mouthpiece on your piece is to remove the mouthpiece altogether. This method is called a filtration method and is best for beginners. 

However, if you don’t feel comfortable with it, you can always replace it with a new one.

Removable mouthpieces on marijuana dabbing rigs can be a great way to customize your experience, so go now and get yours, quick! Some models are designed to have multiple mouthpieces for different types of marijuana or herbs that you can safely smoke.

Another option is to buy a smaller rig that can be carried around easily. These smaller models produce potent vapors and dense condensations. They also give you a more flavorful hit. However, if you’re a beginner or are just looking for an easier way to dab, bigger dab rigs are recommended. They are also great for sharing with friends.

Another option for pieces is a portable electronic model that provides convenience and efficiency. This rig from Puffco offers all the convenience and efficiency of a standard rig without the need for a torch. This device can be stored anywhere and is battery-powered. This makes it perfect for people who travel a lot.

Built-in percs

If you want to get the most out of your piece, built-in percs are the best way to go. These are glass features that have tiny holes to help filter the smoke and cool the wax. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They also allow more air and water to interact with the vapor.

There are a few different types of built-in percs in marijuana dabbing rigs. Some are smaller than the typical bong, while others are larger and compacted. The size of the chamber depends on the type of concentrate you’re using. The percs are essential for a good dab, and can be a big factor when deciding between a rig and bong.

There are two major types of percs: honeycomb and matrix. Both types have their benefits and drawbacks. Glass nails are the least durable option, and are easily broken at high temperatures. However, they are relatively cheap and easy to use. However, be prepared to replace them if they break.

Angled necks

Pieces with angled necks are perfect for those who like to take their hits from a comfortable angle. This type of rig has a wide mouthpiece that is flat to help with air suction, and an angled neck that will ensure that you take smooth hits. They are available for affordable prices and pack a powerful punch.

Pieces come with a neck that is angled at about 90 degrees. These rigs are typically equipped with a torch. While gas can be a good choice, it’s best to use butane to keep it burning at an optimal temperature. A torch with a carb cap will also improve the flavor of your dabs.


Recyclers for pieces are a great way to keep your glass pipes and joints looking clean and shiny. Clean your recycler rig after every use and remove any debris from the glass. Most designs can be cleaned with a small pipe cleaning brush, a solution of isopropyl alcohol and sea salt, or a dedicated cannabis accessory cleaner.

Recyclers for pieces come in many different styles and designs. Some are designed for dabbing and other methods, while others are primarily for smoking flowers. Regardless of your smoking style, recyclers are a must-have for any concentrate smoker. They allow you to smoke your concentrates with greater ease and are the perfect accessory for beginners.


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