Here’s the press release in full

Larry Lipman, CEO of Alliance Financial Network, a unique financial institution for highly regulated industries including large cash businesses stated, ” while working within state and county high cash businesses we were constantly asked about managing the cash in the county or the state fair. After investigating the enormity of the industry and the challenges of the cash in those venues, we determined that we would bring back our eXPO Fair module.” Lipman added, ” controlling cash theft brings a more reliable non manipulated environment to payments to the operator. We witnessed in multiple investigations food and carnival vendors shorting the operator/state or county large amounts of money with two cash registers in their space. This puts the operator at a large disadvantage in surviving off of slim margins.”

The carnival and fair industry represents a gigantic revenue opportunity for eXPO including cash and card processing programs. We plan on providing  venues in 2018 with a request from over 50 during the past few months of investigation. Interesting websites are listed at

Alliance has set its eye on a national program manager for this division that will include eXPO’s media division to co operate with advertising, augmented reality systems and cross selling opportunities with its other divisions.

Lipman added, ” our shareholders deserve a maximized return on their investment and the addition of this and some other retail programs to be announced provide Alliance with a seasoned group of managers and divisions with enormous processing and revenue in the coming months.”