American Council of Cannabis Medicine Announces – ACCM Industry Leaders Advisory Council to Advance Senate Legislation

Here’s their press release on the subject

The American Council of Cannabis Medicine (ACCM) announced today the formalization of the ACCM Industry Leadership Advisory Council. The group’s primary focus is to provide the necessary resources and guidance to advance a comprehensive medical cannabis package that allows professionalization, clinical research and greater access.

“The Council is made up of some of the finest people and organizations in the industry. They truly want to make a difference and help people .” says, Glen Caroline Head of Advocacy WAB Strategic and ACCM Outreach Committee Co-Chair “Their experience and knowledge provide a critical asset for our work with legislators.  They are engaged first and foremost with our legislative teams Senate efforts, but also working with our targeted state work and Yes We Cann! national advocacy program.”


Several members of the Council have been working with the ACCM Alliance on multiple legislative and advocacy issues. The Council represents ACCM’s further commitment to support legislation that allows research and access.

“The time is absolutely right to bring much needed focus on the importance of traditional medical and research approaches to the area of medical cannabis.” Says, Annabelle Manalo-Morgan, PhD, Zermatt Medical Institute Research Chair, ASCM Board of Regents Member and ACCM Clinical Research Committee Co-Chair “Every aspect of traditional medicine relies on solid clinical research, which is needed today. The new focus with the Senate efforts align to advance the professional narrative of the true medical focused cannabis community. Having worked on this issue for several years, it is good to see both sides of aisle engaged.”

“For the last several years ACCM has been working with legislators of all political perspectives. We have been coalition builders and supporters in the states” Says, Scott Rancie, Vice President of Member Services at ACCM “We are pleased to be assembling the right resources at the very time that a legislative solution for medical cannabis is within reach.  With the engagement of the Leadership Council and world-class government affairs and advocacy teams, working to build a coalition of both Republican and Democrats around a universally accepted topic should garner success. Americans want medical cannabis to be properly researched, clinically developed, safe, accessible and federally legal.”

“We are pleased with all of the medical cannabis work going on in the Senate.” Says, Mark Block CEO, MNTC and Co-Chair of the ACCM Legislative Committee “We are very pleased to to see the tremendous bipartisan support developing around medical cannabis. Today about 9 out of 10 adults in United States support medical cannabis. We are very excited to join the dialog and help the Senate bring a bill to fruition that will help patients across the country.”

The American Council of Cannabis Medicine is the  “Voice of American Medical Cannabis” ACCM represents America’s medical-cannabis industry, which supports millions of U.S. jobs and is backed by a growing grassroots movement supporting millions of beneficiaries. Members produce, process, and distribute medical cannabis through state-licensed programs, supporting companies, healthcare industry, physicians, researchers, health/wellness providers, insurance companies, systems, and patient advocacy groups. They participate in ACCM’s 14 standing area-centric committees. ACCM was started in 2016 as a Capitol Hill working group and has developed into a mission driven 501c4. Our pressing objective is to facilitate legislation that advances medical cannabis at the federal level and improve state access.

Reach the American Council of Cannabis Medicine at 202-349-9650, or visit

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