The publication is obviously operating on a advertising model and they seem to be happy to send it out to all and sundry for free. We presume they’ve done the numbers and think that the market is strong enough to bear it. Our experience of dispensaries is that they’ll be sitting alongside a lot of other advertising led publications.

We tried to contact them via their contact us form but for one reason or another the form wouldn’t send, Access denied?

Their, About Us, section tells us about management and the fact that the magazine falls under the umbrella of GIE media based in Ohio but not much about the aims of the publication itself

Here’s an example of today’s headlines. Basically the same thing you’ll see everywhere else.


Also,  for us,  we have found they have an annoying pop up for  the reader to fill in their email. All fine, but it sits at the bottom right hand of the page and it’s impossible to fill in.