No one has applied for a license to set up an independent testing laboratory nearly two months after Gov. Eddie Calvo signed a bill implementing the rules for a medical marijuana program, a Guam official has told the Guam Ledger Enquirer.

The report goes on to reveal…

The marijuana program, approved by voters in 2014, can’t start without a testing lab, the Pacific Daily News reported . Department of Public Health and Social Services Acting Director Leo Casil said on Thursday that the program is at “a standstill.”

Casil said Public Health still estimates that the startup cost for a testing lab is $1 million.

Sen. Dennis Rodriguez, who wrote the medical marijuana rules and regulations bill that became law, said the lack of testing lab applicants could be attributed to a lack of regulations. His bill adopted the rules and regulations rewritten by the Department of Public Health, and also opened up the program to non-residents in order to increase the pool of potential patients and make it more financially viable.

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