12 December 2016

Does the Trump administration plan to void the Cole memorandum  and also put an end to recreational cannabis ?

Adams reports this morning..

Although the details surrounding the alleged meeting are in no way clear, at least not at this point, industry experts do seem to think it is possible that the new U.S. Attorney General could be planning to void the Cole Memorandum – a set of guidelines used by the Obama Administration to explain its “hands off” approach to the legal cannabis trade.

“It looks like the Trump administration is going to move forward with their new plan with out any public input or overview,” O’Neil said in an email.

Some of the latest speculation surrounding the Trump Administration’s possible newfound approach to the legal cannabis industry is that it will have the biggest impact on the recreational sector. While still only rumors, there are some who believe that the entire scope of the recreational pot market, which allows adults 21 and over to purchase weed regardless of medical necessity, will be forced to shutdown once Trump take over the White House – eliminating the cultivation and sales of the cannabis plant in the eight states that have brought an end to prohibition.

Some are even worried that while the medical marijuana sector will likely be permitted to continue operating in the 28 states that have made it legal, the industry could be at risk of being held to tighter restrictions when it comes to how it does business.

So far, Trump’s transition team has yet to respond to MERRY JANE’s request for comment.

The full article at  https://www.merryjane.com/news/us-attorney-general-nominee-jeff-sessions-likely-changing-federal-cannabis-policy