The date on this story is 1 April 2020, so even if it is actually true we do wonder why, as a company, you would tell people on 1 April under lockdown in the middle of the greatest pandemic in a century to go to doctors to talk about medical cannabis.

The Tasmanian advocate reports

Medicinal cannabis from a Tasmanian-linked company has become available to be prescribed by authorised doctors.

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We presume the news story was pulled from the following press release dated 31 March 2020

In which they write the following. How they think they’ll find healthy trial participants is beyond us.

AusCann intends to conduct a randomised, open-label, cross-over Phase I bioavailability study trial in healthy volunteers to evaluate the pharmacokinetics of its hard-shell capsules at two different dose strengths of balanced THC:CBD formulations. AusCann’s hard-shell capsule formulation is a unique presentation for cannabinoid medicines, and the study will provide key exposure information to inform dose selection.

All the required approvals to run the study have been obtained, including the ethics committee approval. The study will be open for recruitment during April through Nucleus Network. Following participant recruitment, the study is scheduled to start on April 20, 2020. While AusCann is committed to executing the study per the defined timeline, the health and safety of study participants is a priority. AusCann and Nucleus Network will monitor developments around COVID-19 and if need be will adjust the study timelines accordingly.



Also they published this announcement 1 April 2020