Australia Exports Cannabis Oil To The UK

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West Perth-based Little Green Pharma said it completed the first-ever commercial export of Australian-produced medical cannabis oil to the United Kingdom.

The shipment moves Australia into competition with countries such as Canada and the Netherlands in the competitive – but so far unlucrative – medical cannabis export market.

In March, the U.K. eased import restrictions for medical cannabis.Now, licensed wholesalers are able to import larger quantities of cannabis-based medicine and hold supplies for future distribution.

“This first export of Australian-produced medicinal cannabis oils to the U.K. marks an important step in fulfilling Australia’s vision of building a global medicinal cannabis industry capable of supplying quality medicinal cannabis products to both Australian and overseas patients,” Greg Hunt, Australia’s Minister for Health, said in a statement.

Little Green Pharma’s products will be distributed in the U.K. by Astral Health.

Australian cannabis company completes first export to UK


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