Australia – New Zealand: P1042 – Low THC Hemp Seeds as Food

Posted: 2 October 2016

Document Dates: 2016

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The purpose of this Proposal is to permit the addition to food of products from the seeds of low tetrahydrocannabinol varieties of Cannabis sativa.


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And Come From The Following

  • P1042 Agri Fibre Industries
  • P1042 Aust Industrial Hemp Alliance
  • P1042 BioCeuticals
  • P1042 Complementary Medicines Aust
  • P1042 Dept of Health Cwth
  • P1042 Dietitians Assoc Aust
  • P1042 Government of Canada
  • P1042 HempFoods Aust
  • P1042 Hempstore Aotearoa
  • P1042 Hemptastic NZ
  • P1042 Industrial Hemp VIC
  • P1042 NSW Food Authority, MoH
  • P1042 NSW Industrial Hemp Assoc
  • P1042 NZ Hemp Brokers
  • P1042 NZ Hemp Industries Assoc
  • P1042 NZ MoH, MPI
  • P1042 NZFGC
  • P1042 Safe2eat
  • P1042 Vic Govt
  • P1042 Vitahemp
  • P1042 WA Police

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Supporting document 1 – Updated estimates of dietary exposure to THC and CBD (pdf 448 kb)


Supporting document 2 – Cannabidiol hazard profile (pdf 225 kb) 


Administrative Assessment Report 18 May 2016 (pdf 95 kb)


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