The report goes on to say..

    In WA medicinal cannabis products are considered unapproved controlled drugs and can only be prescribed with approval from the WA Department of Health and federal Therapeutic Goods Administration.

    The drugs are not smoked, but rather come in oil and spray forms.

    As of the end of November the Therapeutic Goods Administration had approved a total of 2339 applications for medicinal cannabis.

    Dr Berenice Blakemore has been a GP for 18 years and started seeing the Cannabis Access Clinic’s first patients on Wednesday.

    She said in her time as a GP she’d had countless patients inquiring about medicinal cannabis to treat their chronic pain symptoms and this clinic would be able to do it in a safe and transparent way.

    “I’ve definitely had patients who have decided to try cannabis and source it from wherever but they don’t know what they’re getting they don’t know how pure the product is, and it’s expensive and still illegal,” Dr Blakemore said.

    “Through us the patient is prescribed a guaranteed product, it’s pure and unadulterated which is different from maybe accessing supplies from somewhere else.