Australian GP Says Time For TGA To Re-Think CBD

Cannabiz Australian spoke with But Dr Vicki Kotsirilos this past week.  Dr Kotsirilos is an associate professor at La Trobe and Western Sydney Universities and Australia’s first authorised prescriber of medicinal cannabis,

Main takeaway points to her argument are

  • Among the key industry concerns is that the current maximum dose set by the TGA – 60mg per day – is simply too low and will restrict the ability to bring products to market. She suggests a raise to 300mg a day
  • CBD, whatever the dose, should remain a prescription-only medicine.
  • “CBD should still come under the care of the GP with an S4 prescription, but we should be able to prescribe without the SAS-B form

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Drop SAS for CBD prescriptions, GP urges, as industry calls for low dose re-think

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