He was in a brewery, so talk turned to drugs, specifically booze and cannabis.

Should marijuana be legalised, or at least decriminalised, asked Hildebrand?

“Look, I’ve tried (marijuana) in the past, most people have, but it’s actually stronger now than ever. It’s not a harmless drug, it’s a very strong and dangerous drug and we don’t want people to engage in.

“It causes a lot of mental illness … and I think it should remain illegal.”

Nevertheless, he said the level of cannabis people are found in possession with that should be considered illegal was a matter for the states.

Beer though? Well, beer’s all good. Online, the PM was getting some questions as to why he was doing that most un-Australian of things and not partaking of his.

It appears, he was simply talking too much. When a question came from a viewer as to whether he could discuss what he was drinking, well, let’s just say, he was in the know.

“I’m drinking the Evil Eye Red IPA,” he said taking a gulp.

And did Hildebrand know what IPA meant, Mr Turnbull asked? “India Pale Ale,” said Hildebrand, which led the PM into a discussion of IPA’s particular qualities.

“IPA has lots of hops in it, it’s a much tastier beer. When they used to make the beer in England and send it out to India when they put more hops in it, it kept for longer.”

“For a conservative prime minister should you not be drinking Evil Eye ‘Blue’? Or is that Julie Bishop’s beer?” Hildebrand quipped.

It was the PM’s second beer of the night, he confessed. “I actually prefer this one. But it’s not unknown for the second beer to taste better than the first.”

Read the transcript below and the interview is also available on Facebook Live