Austria Bans HHC As of 23 March 2023

The Ministry of Health in Austria has announced that HHC is included in the provisions of the Ordinance on New Psychoactive Substances ( NPS ). This new provision has been in effect since Thursday, which from then on prohibits the sale and manufacture of HHC. However, the intoxicant, which has recently become popular among adolescents and young adults and is said to act in a similar way to the natural cannabis active ingredient THC, continues to result in no prosecution for possession and consumption.

Health Minister Johannes Rauch ( Greens ) also announced that this regulation and classification as a new psychoactive substance would apply until sufficient knowledge of the health consequences had been obtained. Finally, experts have repeatedly spoken with concern in the past about how little research hexahydrocannabinol really is. The lascivious handling of the substance also led to the impression that young people in particular had the impression that, that the consumption of HHC would be a non-dependent matter and would therefore be expected to be unproblematic, although the substance could already produce a false positive result in drug tests.

Österreich verbietet HHC

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