Autumn 2023 Recent Guidance

Recent Guidance

Guidance for the Implementation of Statutory Changes from the First Regular & Special Sessions of the 131st Legislature (Medical & Adult Use)
This guidance provides information regarding the implementation of laws that went into effect on October 25, 2023, impacting the medical and adult use cannabis programs. Read more.

Universal Symbol on Pills and Capsules Guidance (Adult Use)
This guidance provides information regarding the requirement that cannabis products manufactured into pressed pills or capsules be marked, stamped, or imprinted with the universal symbol. Read more.

Updated Guidance for Measuring Mature Plant Canopy (Adult Use)
This guidance contains updated information about the approach OCP will take when calculating mature plant canopy of an outdoor adult use cultivation facility. Read more.

Lessons from Licensing

Adult use licensees are required to notify OCP of all changes to financial interest holders when starting or ending such a relationship. To make the notification of new financial interest holders easier for licensees, OCP has added a new “Disclosure of Non-Owner Financial Interest Form” to its website. See here.

Compliance Corner

In July 2022, OCP issued guidance explaining the process for gifting seedlings to adult use cultivators. It is important to note that licensees must receive approval from OCP before the gifting of seedlings.
Part of the approval process involves telling OCP the number of seedlings being gifted and an anticipated date the licensee will accept them. Licensees are reminded that gifting without approval is an adult use violation.
As an additional reminder, licensees are not currently permitted to accept gifts of cannabis seeds. However, a change allowing the limited gifting of seeds is included in the proposed adult use rules and will go into effect next year pending legislative review of those rules.

Upcoming Events

Cannabis Conversation on Banking
Tuesday, November 28, 2023 | 2:00 p.m. via Zoom

Join OCP for a Cannabis Conversation on Banking to learn about the obstacles financial institutions face at the state and federal levels when it comes to engaging with cannabis businesses. Panelists will also discuss the chances and potential impacts of federal cannabis banking reform along with steps Maine cannabis businesses and stakeholders can take to improve access to banking. Panelists include:

  • Aaron Klein, Miriam K. Carliner Chair and senior fellow in Economic Studies, Brookings Institution
  • Ellen Parent, Director of Compliance, Maine Credit Union League

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