Bali is an Indonesian island famous for its rich culture, inspiring energy, and vibrant atmosphere. People from all corners of the world converge on this beautiful island in search of motivation, deep connection, peace, and strength. Interestingly, just like the island, Bali kratom triggers these sensations and provides a perfect balance of relaxation and energy.


In addition to its high potency, Bali kratom is also considered as the most balanced and versatile of all kratom strains. There are various ways to consume this magical plant depending on a person’s preferences, but Bali kratom tea is the most common as it’s easy to prepare and eliminates the bitter taste associated with kratom. Keep reading to know more about Bali kratom tea.


Vein types of Bali kratom

Before we tell you more about Bali kratom tea, it’s important to highlight different vein types of Bali Kratom to understand which one to use in making the tea. Bali kratom comes in three vein varieties which are; red, green, and white.


  • Red vein Bali kratom – The red vein Bali kratom is the most common, and it’s used in reducing stress, relieving pain and enhancing mood
  • White vein Bali kratom – Even though it is underestimated, white vein Bali is a well-balanced kratom which you can use as a pain killer, relaxant and energizer
  • Green vein Bali kratom – Upon consumption, the green vein Bali lasts longer in your system and hence is perfect for those in need of relieving pain or anxiety without the high level of sedation


How to make Bali kratom tea

Now that you know the different vein types of Bali kratom, you can make tea with the vein that meets your demand. First things first, what is Bali kratom tea? It is simply a tea made from the leaves of kratom tree, specifically the Bali strain. The popularity of Bali kratom tea is increasing and has replaced the daily consumption of coffee and tea due to its energy-boosting and invigorating capabilities.

Unlike other plant-based alkaloids, Bali kratom is rich in alkaloids mitragynine and 7-Hydroxymitragynine, which are stable at high temperatures. They can hardly lose their potency when you expose them to hot water, and therefore, you can prepare your favorite cup of tea knowing their alkaloids will remain intact. As a rule of thumb, it is recommendable to bring your water to a simmer instead of boiling.


Tea preparation instructions


  • Add water to a teapot according to your preference and begin heating it
  • Squeeze lemon juice in your water to give your tea a citrusy flavor and protect the alkaloids released during heating
  • Heat the water to a simmer and add Bali kratom powder according to your preference
  • As you allow the mixture to continue simmering for 10-15 minutes, stir gently
  • Put out the power source and let it brew for about 2 minutes
  • Strain the tea into a cup or pot using a fine strainer or cheesecloth
  • Serve your tea and enjoy


Effects and benefits

If consumed responsibly, Bali kratom tea can be more stimulating and can be an excellent alternative to caffeine. If taken in the morning, it enhances wakefulness, focus, and mental ability without causing uneasiness or anxiety. Similarly, when taken a few hours before bed, Bali kratom tea improves sexual performance, relieves pain, and relaxes the mind and body to help you sleep like a baby and wake up the next morning with enthusiasm.


Bottom line

Bali kratom tea is a traditional tea from Bali, and thanks to the availability of Bali kratom powder on the internet, you can now make a cup of tea at the comfort of your home. Tea preparation is easy and straightforward, and in 15 minutes, you can enjoy Bali kratom tea either hot or cold depending on your preferences. As a guideline, if the tea is too strong, you can add a sweetener such as honey, cinnamon, stevia, or sugar.