Bananas, Cucumbers & Now Onions – Smuggling Goes All Fruit & Veg

Amongst the many stories of 2023 smuggling  cannabis and cocaine with fruit and veg is very much back in vogue.

Our latest update comes from Pakistan

ANF seizes 125 KG hashish from onion export container

KARACHI: The Anti-Narcotics Force (ANF) in a raid at a container terminal here foiled smuggling of drugs to overseas, ARY News reported on Saturday.

A consignment of hashish was being exported to abroad under the guise of vegetables and fruits, a spokesperson of the ANF said.

The ANF team in a raid at the Pakistan International Container Terminal (PICT) recovered over three maunds of hashish from a container booked for Doha, Qatar.

“The anti-drugs agency thoroughly searched a container with onion cargo and recovered 125 kilograms of hashish,” according to a spokesman. “The hashish was expertly hidden in layers of onions,” ANF official said.

“The container was booked by a private company of Karachi destined to Qatar,” ANF stated.

The ANF has initiated search of the accused involved in smuggling bid after taken narcotics in its custody.

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