Mr Wiwat made his comments after the National Farmers Council (NFC) earlier encouraged the government to legalise marijuana cultivation for medical research and use.

The council’s move came after a regulation on the cultivation of hemp, or Kanchong, in designated areas for medical research purposes was published in the Royal Gazette on Jan 6.

Thailand risks losing the opportunity to become an early Asian adopter of a more relaxed approach to policy governing the drug that is already sweeping through large swathes of the western world, especially the USA , he added.


NFC president Prapat Panyachartrak on Monday also confirmed that the council discussed designating an area for marijuana cultivation with the Office of Narcotics Control Board (ONCB).

They have initially looked at 5,000 rai of land on a military compound in Sakon Nakhon, where marijuana plantations could be easily monitored and regulated.

The cultivation of the plant is allowed in designated areas in 23 districts of nine provinces under the supervision of the provincial narcotics control management centres.

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