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Bax was appointed in 2015 to lead was then known as the Office of Compassionate Use, though his job application documented only 15 months of experience consulting on medical marijuana issues and his job was not publicly advertised, according to POLITICO Florida. Under his tenure, the office faced a rash of legal and administrative challenges over the state’s licensing system for medical marijuana businesses and drew harsh criticism from legislators and patients as the office struggled to accommodate growing patient demand. The state still faces about a dozen pending lawsuits, including one brought by attorney John Morgan over the state Legislature’s ban on smokeable medical marijuana.

Lawmakers were particularly irked by delays in the department’s slow rule-making progress, which has delayed the rollout of parts of the 2017 law that implemented the constitutional amendment broadly legalizing the drug. During the legislative session earlier this year, a joint legislative committee took the office — and Bax in particular — to task for not responding to months of letters concerning the agency’s rules. Lawmakers cited those delays when they eventually voted to hold back about $2 million in salaries and benefits for department officials until rules were implemented.

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