Best Containers for Long-Term Weed Storage

When you stock up on your favorite cannabis products, it’s only natural that you want to keep your weed fresh for as long as possible! But you’re probably also wondering .. how long does weed stay good? Under everyday conditions, it can stay good for about 6 months but with the proper containers, you can extend the freshness of your investment.

One of the primary factors in keeping your marijuana stash fresh is the type of container you use. Not using the proper container can cause your weed to go stale faster than you may be able to consume it.

The best long-term weed storage containers are air-tight and have tinted glass to protect against ultraviolet light.


Here are the top weed storage containers to keep your stash fresh for as long as possible:


The Infinity Jar

The Infinity Jar is a top pick for long-term weed storage. It is air-tight, scent-proof, and immune to ultraviolet light. As one of the oldest and most trusted marijuana storage product manufacturers, you can trust that they know what they’re doing!

The Infinity Jar is available in 4 sizes. 100ml, 250ml, 500ml, and 1000ml. So you can pick the perfect size for your stash.

Ranging from $18 – $29, it’s a great value for the money! You won’t be disappointed with your investment.



Canlock containers are most well known for their artistic and trendy container designs. You can find them in multiple colors, prints, and the recently released “Spooky Girl Art” collection. Every Canlock container is air-tight and the lid is equipped with a pump creating a pressurized seal that prevents any scents from escaping the glass container.

They also offer a line of clear glass containers which I recommend staying away from because it will not protect your product from UV light.

They include a Boveda humidity pack with every product purchase. Boveda produces the top humidity regulation products on the market and has perfected its craft over the years.


CVault by FreshStor

Unlike most other container’s twist-lock lids, the CVault utilizes a unique clamp-style lid to create its air-tight seal. Manufactured with food-grade steel the container and lid are easy to use by anyone. There is nothing fancy about it .. it just works!

Available in a medium 4” diameter all the way up to a 21 liter 13.5” diameter that can hold a full kilo weed the containers range in price from $25.99 – $149.99. The CVault also all include a Boveda humidity to maintain the perfect conditions for long term marijuana storage.


Re:stash Jars

Think traditional mason jar meets modern technology and eco-friendly materials. That is the Re:stash Jar. The BPA Free nontransparent design prevents damage from sunlight and is the sealable lid creates the perfect smell-proof container.

The Re:stash jar includes a mason jar, a silicone koozie and a patented child proof lid. Our jar has no plastic and the lid is made with 30% farm waste.

Available in multiple design options in 4oz, 8oz, 12oz, and 16oz sizes you can find the perfect jar to match your style and stash.



If you want to protect your stash investment, it is always a smart move to purchase as of the containers listed here. Unlike basic Tupperware containers, prescription bottles, and regular mason jars these containers are specifically designed and engineered to keep weed fresh for as long as possible.

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