Bob Hoban writes

In 2017, I recognized that Hoban Law Group sits at the center of the world’s largest cannabis industry network. With more and more of its clients seeking to operate internationally, our name began to spread around the globe as the ‘go-to’ international cannabis industry experts. And international companies began retaining the firm for a variety of legal, consulting, professional, and M&A purposes. As a result, the Hoban Law Group expanded internationally as HLG Global.
This is the first HLG Global Newsletter, which will regularly feature news, information, trends and articles from our vast global industry network. We hope that you will rely on us for your global cannabis connectivity. And please feel free to send along information, news, articles, or the like to be featured in the HLG Global Newsletter.
This newsletter will cover:
I. HLG Global
II. The InterCannAlliance
III. International Cannabis Policy Conference (Vienna) Recap
IV. Meeting with Poland’s Ministry of Agriculture
V. Panama City Conference Preview
VI. Mexico White Papers
VII. UN/World Health Organization Summary
VIII. Colombia White Paper
Wishing you the very best in 2019,
/Bob Hoban