The São Paulo State Department of Health has received a court order to pay for a private treatment that includes 235 cannabidiol syringes (CBD), a compound derived from Cannabis, at a cost of US $ 199 each.

This gives a total value of US $ 47 thousand, that is, more than R $ 251 thousand in the current dollar exchange rate.

The information was released on Monday (15) by Folha de São Paulo. But the Cannabis & Health portal found that the legalized drug is the 1700 mg HempMeds Real Scientific Hemp Oil Blue Label cannabidiol. And also that the judicial process runs in secret from justice. The patient’s illness was not revealed.

The judicialization of medical cannabis in SUS broke a record in 2020. According to Folha, there were more than 150 patient actions guaranteeing in court access to plant derivatives with public funds. Among the actions, 480 bottles of CBD oil for one year were purchased for R $ 230 thousand. The Department of Health says that the actions impact the public health budget, privileging individual rights over public policies of SUS.

“There is no privilege when a life is at risk”

Despite these extremely high values, the lawyer specializing in the Right to Health Ana Izabel de Holanda , disputes the position of the Health Department and affirms that “there are no individual privileges when there is a life at risk”. She explained to Cannabis & Saúde that the judiciary is very careful before granting injunctions like this. According to the lawyer, there is analysis of medical reports, in addition to opinions from the technical nucleus and the Public Ministry.

“If there is a judicial determination to cover medical treatment, it is because it has been proven that the health of the citizen is essential. And the right to health is a constitutionally protected right. Failing to grant essential treatments to health is a violence to the dignity of the human person ”, argues the lawyer.