BRITISH CANNABIS™ Acquires PhytoVista Laboratories: A Standard-Bearer in Cannabinoid Testing & Compliance

BRITISH CANNABIS™ is pleased to announce the strategic acquisition and continued operation of PhytoVista Laboratories (a UKAS accredited testing laboratory No. 20213) under one roof., the only cannabinoid specialist lab in the UK to combine Home Office licenses for THC testing, and UKAS accreditation.

Upholding Compliance & Quality: The acquisition ensures the continuous operation of PhytoVista Laboratories, one of the UK’s premier cannabinoid labs, a critical component for legal and regulatory compliance and consumer and patient safety within the industry.

Reliability and Assurance: As CBD products and medical cannabis grow wider acceptance amongst consumers, patients, and healthcare professionals, the accreditations held by PhytoVista Laboratories provide a critical layer of assurance and reliability. These standards enable providers and consumers to have faith in the accurate testing of THC and cannabinoid compositions, promoting compliance, quality, and trust.

Product Safety and Integrity: PhytoVista Laboratories is committed to confirming that cannabinoid products are devoid of harmful contaminants, pesticides, and microbial activity. Assurance of the quality and purity of CBD and medical cannabis products are essential for fostering and sustaining trust within the cannabis and plant medicine communities.

The Importance of the Acquisition:

  • For UK Patients & Consumers: Ensures access to products that are verified to validated methods for purity and safety.
  • For UK Businesses: Establishes a higher degree of confidence in verifying compliant and thoroughly tested cannabinoid products.
  • For UK Medical Cannabis Providers: Provides a secondary, more robust set of quality and safety standards for CBPMs (Cannabis Based Prescription Medicines) services.

A Statement from PhytoVista Laboratories: Matthew Birt, the Director of PhytoVista Laboratories, comments, “This acquisition allows us to reinforce our dedication to maintaining the highest scientific and quality standards, enhancing the trust consumers, providers, and industry partners place in cannabinoid products.”

Future Vision: In partnership with PhytoVista Laboratories, BRITISH CANNABIS™ aspires to set unparalleled standards of purity and quality in the cannabinoid sector, contributing to the growing acceptance and trust in cannabis as a legal and effective natural medicine.

Commitment to Quality and Trust: We strive to forge an environment where quality and consumer trust are paramount, ensuring every product meets the highest standards of safety, purity, and compliance. Our collaborative effort is critical acceptance and establishing trust in cannabinoid-based remedies.

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