Building Sustainably with Industrial Hemp.




December 3 2020



FLHC Members & Supporters,

This is an announcement for our last major presentation of the year, taking place DECEMBER 3rd at 3PM EST. We have teamed up with both CloverLeaf University and the U.S. Hemp Building Association in putting together a special 2-Part event. The topic is incredibly important for diversification of the industry, as well as the future of our environment: Building Sustainably with Industrial Hemp. Details:

Part I

Education & Standardization with CloverLeaf University (featuring Chloe Villano & Staff from CLU) in conversation about general educational elements related to hemp building and standardization efforts behind it. Become more familiar with the education needed for such an undertaking, as well as standardization efforts for the industry ahead. (45 min)

Part II

The U.S. Hemp Building Association and the Florida Hemp Council in a Rountable Discussion with distinguished guests listed below. The conversation will cover logistics, sourcing materials, support, and more. After the discussion of pertinent and current issues, there will also be Q&A for your most burning questions. (45 min):

  • Jacob Waddell, President, USHBA
  • Ladi March-Goldwire, Managing Partner, The Contractor
  • Tom Rassmassler, CEO, HempStone
  • Tai Olson, Operations Director, US Heritage Group

Hopefully, this event will serve as an introduction to some, and further the education of others when it comes to the use of industrial hemp. With the cannabinoid market becoming increasingly saturated, hemp building can easily become a worthwhile alternative for hemp entrepreneurs. This event’s registration is OPEN TO ALL and we hope to see you there!

Best Regards,
Joshua Navarro, Esq.
Director of Operations


   We apply our entirely subjective  bong score to each event

   1 Don’t Bother Unless You Need A Well Deserved Sleep

   2 You Might Learn Something But We Hope You Didn’t Pay For It

   3 This is really something, interesting presenters, well worth the money, and i actually will learn something.


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