Businesscann Report: Newly Launched Federation Of International Hemp Anticipating Exponential Sector Growth

AS it prepares for its first AGM the newly-formed Federation of International Hemp Organizations (FIHO) says it envisages a 2,000% increase in the crop’s global footprint over the coming decade.

The FIHO says that since the turn of the century the versatile hemp crop has been embraced by agriculture and industry as its ‘eco’ credentials align with global carbon-reduction goals.

New figures released by the organisation show that in 1999 hemp’s global cultivation footprint amounted to 94,694 hectares with this expected total 228,000 hectares planted 2022.

And, by 2030, the FIHO predicts the global footprint of the hemp crop will total almost 4.8m hectares – an increase of 2,000%

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