An interesting read in Civilized this morning about California’s AUMA ( Adult Use of Marijuana Act) proposal

Marijuana legalization is about a lot more than letting people legally smoke marijuana. It’s also about public safety, fiscal responsibility and social justice. That’s the message supporters of California’s “Adult Use of Marijuana Act” (AUMA) had for residents and Americans in general on May 4, when the group announced that their initiative had gained more than enough signatures to make legalizing recreational marijuana-use a ballot question in November.

During the press conference, Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom (D) – a supporter of the initiative since its inception – stood alongside California NAACP President Alice Huffman and said, “If you’re sick and tired of race-based sentencing, you’d better be serious about this initiative.”

Huffman explained that those enforcing the War on Drugs, “targeted the African-American community, the Latino community right from the beginning and we watched 40, almost 50, years of it happening.”

“If you’re a parent, pay attention to this initiative,” Newsom added before addressing how taxes from recreational marijuana sales would be used to keep children and communities safe. “[Eighty] percent of those dollars prescribed in this initiative will go back to children prevention programs, treatment programs and law enforcement. I think it’s a game changer, I think it’s going to reduce use and abuse by our children.”

The initiative also has strong support from the other side of the political spectrum. Republican Congressman Dana Rohrabacher praised the initiative for freeing up resources for law enforcers.

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