California church that uses cannabis as a sacrament is suing the state following a law enforcement raid, claiming that officials violated their First and Fourth Amendment rights, according to a report by Kelley Lincoln of Redheaded Blackbelt. The June 11 raid on the Redwood Spiritual Healing Ministry led to the seizure of all of the church’s plants.

The suit argues that the County of Humboldt and the state Department of Fish and Wildlife violated their First Amendment right of religious freedom and their Fourth Amendment right of due process. The lawsuit also argues that the CDFW search warrant did not include that the property was a church when it was given to the judge to sign off on. Additionally, the lawsuit claims that officials violated the Fourth Amendment by destroying the crops before the case could be taken to trial.

Attorney Matthew Pappas noted that “it’s not the job of law enforcement to execute punishment,” including destroying property.

Although Google finds a facebook page this is all you see now

There is a website for the church