Covina residents who grow marijuana in their homes will need to pay the city a $25 fee, city officials have decided.

The council voted 4-1 Tuesday to adopt the one-time fee, which is meant to cover the city’s costs for processing cannabis cultivation registration forms. The city requires residents who grow plants inside their homes to register with the Covina Police Department. Mayor Jorge Marquez voted no.

Proposition 64, which legalized recreational marijuana in California, allows residents to grow up to six marijuana plants indoors but says cities or counties can “reasonably regulate” homegrown pot.

Covina prohibits all commercial and outdoor cannabis activity.

Though several council members said they didn’t agree with the legalization of recreational marijuana, they thought requiring residents to register was the least they could do to ensure public safety.

The city’s cannabis ordinance also prohibits home growers from using compressed gases to grow the plants and requires cultivation lighting to not exceed 600 watts.

“At least we have something on file that’s addressing it,” Councilwoman Peggy Delach siad. “At least we’re getting in front of it and trying to have people let us know what they have in case there’s a fire or something else going on.”

According to a staff report, the cost of processing registration forms for personal cannabis growing is about $27.60.

“The fee is not intended to be a revenue generator, so if anything we wanted to err on the side of caution to demonstrate that the fee is only to offset the city’s administrative costs,” Community Development Director Brian Lee told the council.