The document includes allegations that former executive director Hezekiah Allen had refused to share information with the board of directors and had run up $267,000 in debt for CGA and that many expenses had “fallen outside of CalGrowers financial policies.”

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Response to report

The document was quickly rejected by interim CGA chairman Nathan Whittington as “in no way an accurate representation of fact,” and Allen told Marijuana Business Daily that much of the information in the report was both out of date and inaccurate.

Whittington said the report was a “confidential internal document that was for our board of directors only,” and he lamented that it was leaked publicly without the proper context.

He said CGA is carrying a debt load heading into 2019, but that the actual debt is less than $80,000.

Here’s the document in full



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Leaked internal document sparks questions over CA cannabis growers group’s finances, management