Canada – British Columbia: B.C. has received more than $112M in excise cannabis taxes. None has gone to municipalities

Muncipalties are quite rightly wondering why they aren’t benefitting from cannabis taxation

CBC reports

When Canada legalized cannabis in 2018, Port Coquitlam, B.C., like many other municipalities, began to quickly develop the framework for dispensaries to set up shop.

Mayor Brad West said his city was eager to jump on board, not only to tackle the black market, but also because many municipalities believed they would be sharing in the excise cannabis tax revenue being collected by the federal government from producers.

“That turned out not to be the case for anyone, because regardless of whether you have stores or you don’t, there’s no revenue,” said West.

Cannabis has been legal for almost four years, yet despite federal expectations for the tax revenue to be shared with local governments, municipalities have yet to receive a single dime from the province.

Municipalities are now calling on the province to finally establish a sharing agreement.

“It’s the fair thing to do given that local government has been really important to the establishment of this industry,” said West.

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