Canada’s Cannabis Talent Help List Launched

According to reports up to 30% of cannabis employees have lost their job during COVID-19 in Canada. We’d suggest at least 50% of these would have gone anyway but that’s another day another discussion.

The Cannabis Talent List allows those without a job to post who they are what they are etc and it makes facinating reading and certinly tells us which ones we both would and wouldn’t hire. But more of that later

Here’s what the creators are saying about the list


To the Cannabis Industry: these are unprecedented times we find ourselves in. Prior to COVID19 the cannabis industry was restructuring and reducing its workforce. COVID19 has only made the employment landscape more bleak. Today, many of our friends and colleagues are out of work and we expect more layoffs in the coming months. As members of the cannabis industry we owe it to each other to support the workforce that makes this industry possible every day. We started this database to help those who are currently out of work due to layoffs, restructuring, insolvency, etc. If you’re looking to make a permanent or temporary hire please source from this list. If you’re unable to hire right now, then reach out to candidates on this list when you can. Thank you for your continued support and everything you do to contribute to the success of the cannabis industry.


The “Cannabis Talent Help List” is modelled after single-company layoff lists commonly used in the tech sector, and more specifically inspired by a recent list established by in response to the COVID19 pandemic. It is a grassroots, community hiring tool designed to help out-of-work talent in the cannabis sector find work during the COVID19 outbreak.


If you’re currently out of work you can add your profile to the database. You can edit your info anytime.

If you’re an employer and you’re doing layoffs, you can can direct your employees to the list as a resource.

If you are hiring, you can leverage the database for active candidates looking for work.


The “Cannabis Talent Help List” is created by Jeff Ord and Alison McMahon of Cannabis At Work, in partnership with Business of Cannabis. Inspired by the “Talent Help List” launched by


Now… to the list itself

As of 14 May 2020 there are 253 entries with people looking for work

That list can be found here.

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