Canadian cannabiz critic Rob McPherson isn’t happy with Terry Booth Over Share Sell Off

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As they used to say in the UK kids comics of the 1970’s. “snigger snigger”


Rob McPherson’s Post

Ex-P&G/Sandoz/Kraft Foods/Bacardi – *NOW POSTING EXCLUSIVELY ON SUBSTACK (all the best stuff)*

12,200,000 x $12.60 = $153 million

Could this be right? Because, if it is, it is oh so very wrong.

The Aurora share price on March 20, 2020, was $12.60. So if 12.2 million shares were sold at that price, it would generate $153 million. All for losing, what the Aurora Balance Sheet showed as of the year ending June 30, 2020 (he was fired in February, 2020), an accumulated deficit of $3.6 billion, and IFO loss of $3.4 billion and an operational cash burn of $338 million.

Well played…and so many got played *EDIT – I was advised that I was using the RSS price and the market price in March, 2020 was ~$1.25.

That means Terry would have only gotten about $15.3 million…I am now heading over to set up the Gofundme page for him, as it would be unfair to think he could live on that (of course, I also assume there were a couple other share sells, along with the cash comp). But still… “Gofundme – Please Help An Electrician Buy His Third Yacht”*


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