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12 October 2016

Here’s the introduction to the piece

I think Forbes said it best in Debra Borchardt’s recent article, “GW Pharmaceutical Gets Closer To Forcing FDA On Cannabis,” with an  announcement a couple of weeks ago that its Clinical Phase 3 trial results for Epidolex were positive in paving the way for FDA approval and tipping over the de-scheduling apple cart.

Whether it materializes in an immediate change or not remains to be seen. The prohibitionists surely have more dirty tricks up their sleeves and will continue to rear their ugly heads every step of the way until the FDA formally takes over the regulatory oversight of medical marijuana for over- and under-the-counter cannabis products in the United States.

Since we first included GW Pharmaceuticals (GWP) on the original CBE 10 Most Important Companies list (#5), we have spoken to many industry players about the inevitable final play for medical marijuana in the U.S. Realistically, we all know that the push for legalizing and regulating “medical marijuana” on a state level has been successful in moving the public opinion meter among Democrats and Republican law makers, and has played well in the battle to end Federal prohibition. At the end of the day, despite all of the anecdotal evidence, “medical marijuana” is not medicine according to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) until it completes a long, arduous, and expensive process to receive approval as a medicine for use by humans. This process can take up to 10 years per drug application.

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