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“I am unaware of any court decision or public statement made by Kavanaugh that would clarify his position on marijuana legalization,” NORML founder Keith Stroup told Cannabis Business Times. “But considering his conservative legal views, it is unlikely that he would find the federal marijuana laws to be unconstitutional.”

“As a Conservative justice, we hope Judge Kavanaugh would be supportive of states’ rights, in turn supporting legal cannabis companies in these markets, and allowing continuation of emerging legal cannabis markets state to state until Congress steps up to change federal law,” said Robert Fireman, CEO of MariMed, a cannabis consulting company.

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Brett Kavanaugh, Trump’s Supreme Court Nominee, Has Left Trail of Opinions on Health Care and Pharma Issues

Kavanaugh has urged judges to defer to the FDA and other scientific agencies, and sided with the FDA in a case over whether the agency should be forced to provide access to an unapproved drug.