Cannabis Corporate of Counsel collateral base – Remote


2-5+ years | Opening :

Email : | Contact : (309) 740-4033


We pay pay you 80 cents on the dollar as an Of Counsel lawyer. We want attorneys licensed in all jurisdictions where cannabis is legal.

Licenses: CO, CA, OK, WA, OR, AR, MO, FL, NY, NJ, PA, MA.

We can pay better and demand fewer hours and help you become the attorney that you always wanted to be. There is no salary with this position and it is an Of Counsel relationship with the following benefits and requirements:

  • 1 billable hour per work day minimum (20 hours a month) to maintain email/ G-suit, malpractice insurance, remote office, google my business 3-pack, slack channel access & royalty rights.
  • 1 hour of royalty marketing per day. We are a leading publisher on cannabis courses and are taking our core offerings into e-learning. If you help us complete and market the course, you earn royalties on it.

Fully remote position.

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