The session entitled , Innovating Around A Bureaucracy, featured Jeff Smith MP, Crispin Blunt MP, Miles Briggs MSP & Blair Briggs.

Although all panel members were well meaning. Or should we say, we hope they were well meaning. We certainly heard how much they love their constituents in private meetings.

Their approach to the issues and their knowledge base would now be outstripped by most 15 year olds on the planet.

From what we could gather regulated medical cannabis will only get a look in the UK if …

We all get together and force the UK media to play the sick kid card time after time. Remember it’s up to us.

British R&D is so superior to the rest of the planet’s that the only option is to wait a decade for UK Govt sanctioned scientists to tell us what US, Canadian & Israeli research programs are already telling us.

British MPs only glean their information from the home office who spend most of their time playing games with semantics in press releases.

Inclusion of any element of US state based models is a no no after a 3 day “exhaustive” visit to Seattle (Don’t start us on the disaster that the Washington program has been) and then what they’ve gleaned from the NYC model ( What NYC model?)

Can we ask why they didn’t go to the most obvious destination, Denver, or would that be presumptuous?

That’s it’s almost impossible to say the word “California” without sneering.

Oh and by the way “Adult Use” cannabis in the UK is a pipe dream.

Our advice to investors. Don’t look at the UK.

For a moment there we thought Canberra had the angle on hubris and the cannabis market; but it’s amazing how British politicians can take obfuscation to the next level.