Cannabis Extraction & Productization 101


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The legal cannabis industry continues to prove itself as compelling billion-dollar product category with a diverse consumer base. It is no longer a matter of IF, but WHEN, CPG companies will enter the space and extend their portfolios with differentiated cannabis products.


To guide your entry into this burgeoning market, please join us for a comprehensive discussion on the immediacy of the opportunity and the cannabis product lifecycle. While specifically tailored for CPG professionals, anyone interested may attend the discussion.


Topics to Include:

  • The Extraction Process: Follow the process from flower to product to market.
  • Consumer Archetypes: Meet and compare the most relevant and appealing consumer groups.
  • Branding & Marketing: Understand the implications of compliance adherence in Canada.
  • Balancing Risk & Reward: Determine how to select the right extraction and manufacturing partner.
  • Product Development Roadmap: Tailored partnership constructs take your product from development to market.


Steve Johnston

Management Consultant,

The Valens Company

Quinn Shiskin

Director, Products and Innovation,

The Valens Company

John Kagia

Chief Knowledge Officer,

New Frontier Data

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