15 March 2017

So the first two takeaways are get yourself admitted to the Colorado bar as soon as possible and for Cannabis recruitment types it might be worth spending a bit of your budget on getting your name in front of law firms around the country.

In a little more detail

We asked

Would You Use A Recruiter To Hire A Cannabis Attorney Or Build A Cannabis Legal Team?

Interesting result here 30% of respondents said yes, 40% said no and 30% would have to think about it. So there’s an opportunity for cannabis recruiters.

To get more detail we asked the follow up question.

Would You Retain A Generic Legal & Professional Services Recruiter ?

And the result should be encouraging for those looking to create a cannabis specific professional recruitment practice as 80% answered no with only 20% saying yes. No respondents were on the fence with this question.

But when asked ……Would You Retain A Cannabis Industry Sector Recruiter ?

The results were split evenly with 40% saying yes and the sam percentage saying no. So there’s obviously some bridge building and confidence needed to walk senior attorneys toward hiring for from an industry sector recruiter

And here’s the rub for recruiters. We asked

Would Your Preferred Route To Recruit  Be Via Personal Networks And / Or Referral

And the results were 100% in the affirmative

Next we stated the following and weren’t particularly surprised by the answers.

I’d Prefer To Recruit From An Am Law 200 Firm

35% said no and 22% said yes while the majority don’t yet have an opinion on the subject. we are pleased to see that the Cannabis sector may be a standout in understanding that the skill set learnt at a major law firm may be somewhat too regimented in this fast pace sector.

What is certain though. Senior partners / attorneys want people already working in the sector with 80% answering in the affirmative to the statement…I’d Prefer To Recruit An Attorney Who Has Already Worked In A Cannabis Practice

The next question Would You Prefer To Hire An Attorney Already Practicing In A State With A Regulated Cannabis Environment ? elicited a even stronger response with 100% answering this in the affirmative

To  drill a touch deeper we also asked the following….


Regulation & Compliance Green Bar = General Reg & Compliance

Regulation & Compliance Turquoise Bar = Cannabis Reg & Compliance

Finally we asked.. The results we’d suggest are fairly self explanatory..