It’s been tough sledding lately for self-styled LP-for-craft-growers Pasha Brands (CSE: CRFT). The company’s stock was halted on November 28, 2019, ahead of an announcement that three of the board’s four directors had resigned.

The release announcing the departure of Quadron-Cantech (CSE: QCC) CEO Rosy Mondin, Supreme Cannabis (TSX: FIRE) VP Scott Walters and Auxley (TSX: AUX) President Hugo Alvez does not mention any plan to replace those directors. Doja Cannabis founder and Pasha’s Executive Chairman Patrick Brauckmann is the lone remaining director. Canadian Securities Regulators require public companies to carry a board consisting of a majority of independent directors, so the noted halt may have to do with Pasha’s board being out of compliance. This reporter’s phone calls to Pasha Brands were routed directly to a voicemail belonging to someone named “Charles,” who has yet to call back.

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