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Care for some cannabis-infused pumpkin pie? Then hopefully you don’t reside in Washington state, where the government prohibits the sale of marijuana pumpkin pie, custard pie or anything prepared with egg. This is just one of the many peculiar and specific state regulations on edibles that legislators and regulatory boards have put into place in the states where cannabis is legal for adult use.

Edibles have been a particular source of consternation for states attempting to anticipate any harm that might come from them, and regulate these problems away before they happen. The possibility of children finding and consuming cannabis products has led to any number of requirements around how edibles are stored and labeled. Childproof packaging is a universal requirement in states that allow adult use, and most require an opaque, childproof bag as a sort of unwieldy grocery bag for leaving a cannabis store.

Kids finding mom and dad’s secret stash of snacks isn’t the only worry states have. Many focus on how cannabis is presented or marketed, and all of them require labeling on just about anything that might be labeled. All have potency limits, both for individual servings and packages as a whole — meaning there can only be so many 5 mg THC gummy bears in the bag… if it’s a state that allows gummy bears.

Here’s how edible laws look in adult-use states, where edibles sales are allowed, across the nation:

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They tackle CO, WA, OR, NV, CA,Alaska and a few east coast states.